The 3DPC Finalists 2019 have been chosen!

The projects will be presented at the trade show Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D (25.-27. June 2019).
The finalists were selected in a non-public, multi-stage selection process- thanks a lot to the international, high-class interbrach jury and our first class partners.

The 3DPC Winner 2019 will be voted directly at the exhibition by the jury members on site, the award ceremony will be held at the gala evening of the Messe Erfurt, the 26th of June.
Please find below the 3DPC Finalisten 2019.
In the upcoming weeks before the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D the finalists will be presented on facebook as well.

International Design-competition for additive manufacturing 2019

Already for the fourth time the unique 3D Pioneers Challenge, as the platform for pioneers in 3D printing, covers a range of verticals and is aimed at designers who are breaking new ground in the field of 3D printing, taking into account the complete value-added system of additive technologies and understand the key trends of the industry.
The Challenge seeks to uncover specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box and - pushing boundaries.

Verticals 2019

Design, Digital, Architecture, Material, FashionTech, MedTech, Mobility, Sustainability

Focus 2019

Additive manufacturing is one of the innovations of the 21st century. Hardly a day goes by without that this technology surprises with something new. Meanwhile it is part in higher education programs and at technological universities or institutes. 3D printing is standing on the threshold to being integrated into industrial manufacturing processes. For some time now, the technology is not pushing its way to the fore – but as hidden champion, it acts as an "enabler" of many concepts and innovations, and even of completely new business fields. The needs of humans are in the foreground through individual solutions. Spare parts procurement is being rethought. Last but not least, lightweight construction creates sustainability. Social projects are only made possible by 3D printing in some areas. Pioneer thinking also requires the courage to put it into practice, breaking new ground. The 3DPC is looking for these pioneers who think 3D printing one step further. Where is it enabler, where is it in the main focus?


  • Prize money 35.000 Euro kindly supported by the Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society Thuringia.
  • Exhibition of the finalists at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D, Trade Show Erfurt, Germany (25 –27 June 2019)
  • Award ceremony at gala evening in Erfurt
  • Roadshow at international events

Further prizes will be awarded by our partners:

  • Special Mention by Autodesk
    Autodesk awards an opportunity to join their highly regarded Autodesk Technology Centers Residency program in N. America at one of the locations - San Francisco, Boston, or Toronto.
    The Residency Program at the Autodesk Technology Centers provides open workspaces for teams from industry, academic, and startup communities doing forward-looking work in the areas of construction, manufacturing, and emerging technologies.
    Further Information here
  • MakerBotEMEA hands for the best student project the MakerBot Replicator Mini+
  • 3dhubs hands the The 3D Printing Handbook, technologies, design and applications
  • designreport offers online-subscriptions (English or German) for the lucky winners!
  • Autodesk gives Netfabb Licenses and Fusion 360 Licenses!


Here you may download the detailed 3DPC Formalities 2019 .


Design of Coral Reef Seed Units
Emerging Objects
Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello, Sandy Curth, Logman Arja, SECORE International
Rapid Liquid Printing
Christophe Guberan + Self-Assembly Lab MIT
Bjorn Sparrman, Schendy Kernizan, Jared Laucks and Skylar Tibbits
Rocket combustion chamber demonstrator, built through generative algorithms.
Hyperganic Technologies AG
Michael Gallo, Lin Kayser, Duy-Anh Pham, Stefan Bindl, Markus Finke
Overcome the bottleneck
trinckle 3D GmbH
Bruno Costa, Dr. Ole Bröker (trinckle), Lars Bognar, Raphael Koch (Ford)
Upprinting Food
Upprinting Food
Elzelinde van Doleweerd, Vita Broeken
Omni Platform
Daniel Büning (Co-Founder and Director NOWLAB), Marco Backenhaus (Lead Designer), Mirek Classen, Tobias Storz, Marco Mattia Cristofori, Maximilian Sedlak, Lindsay Lawson
Tailored Fits Ski Boots
Materialise GmbH
Reto Rindlisbacher, Benjamin Schmitt, Sonja Rasch, Alireza Parandian, Philippe Laes, Frank Küchelmann
Marta Karkocha, Kamilla Pikul, Dawid Dubanosow
BCS Bamboo Connection System
Bauhaus Universität Weimar / Technische Universität München
Tobias Bahne, Jonas Schikore
RoMA: Robotic Modeling Assistant
University of Maryland and Cornell University
Huaishu Peng, Jimmy Briggs, Cheng-Yao Wang, Kevin Guo, Joseph Kider, Stefanie Mueller, Patrick Baudisch, François Guimbretière
3D-Druck:Katalysator gelebter Inklusion
Jannis Breuninger, Eva Stahl, Clemens Rieth
Fractal gears and wheels bearing
fractal gears
Sherif Eldeeb
Noumena Design Research Education SL.
Aldo Sollazzo, Founder and CEO of Noumena / Eugenio Bettucchi, Expert on computational design of Noumena / Laura Civetti, Fashion tech Designer of Noumena / Josep Sivera, Technical Director of Primlab Global / Juan Carlos Llobrega Director de I+D+I Primlab Global / Cecilia Raspanti, Designer of Waag
Computed Axial Lithography
University of California, Berkeley: Mechanical Engineering
Brett Kelly, Indrasen Bhattacharya, Hossein Heidari, Maxim Shusteff, Chris Spadaccini, Hayden Taylor
Conforming Cooling for Bugatti
Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- u. Maschinenbau GmbH
Gregor Sodeikat (Rolf Lenk), Ralf Frohwerk (SLM Solutions AG)
Studio Deussen
Tim Deussen, Mario Alberto, Irfanraza
GAMMA: Space Exploration Lander
Autodesk Research: Karl Willis, Daniele Grandi, Andreas Bastian, Arthur Harsuvanakit, John Schmier, Mark Davis _ NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab: Raul Polit Casillas, Rafael Martinez, Christine Gebara, Tom Cwik
Glassomer - 3D Printing of Transparent Glass
Glassomer GmbH _ University of Freiburg
Dr. Frederik Kotz, Patrick Risch, Dr. Dorothea Helmer, Prof. Bastian Rapp
Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE 1.0)
The University of Tennesse
Maged Guerguis, Leif Eikevik, Andrew Obendorf, Lucas Tryggestad, Tanvi Parikh, Brian Lee, Philip Enquist, William Baker, Benton Johnson, Scott Poole, Kaushik Biswas, Randall Lind, Brian Post, Roderick Jackson, Lonnie Love.
What The Future
Janne Kyttanen
Cutting Tools for Aerospace Machining
RMIT University, School of Engineering, Centre for Additive Manufacturing
Mr Jimmy Timothy Toton, Dr Stephen James Dowey, Associate Professor Songlin Ding, Professor Milan Brandt
ALPA Platon
Inspire AG / pd|z, ETH Zürich
Daniel Omidvarkarjan, Ralph Rosenbauer, David Ochsner, Harry Woodfin, Ihno Fehrendt, Daniele Cipriano, Helen Meyer, Peter Balicki, Tilman Bohn, Filippo Fontana, Daniel Temperli
Dr Giuseppe Scionti, Oscar Alegre
Stealth Padlock and Key
UrbanAlps AG
Dr. Alejandro Ojeda, Jiri Holda, Dr. Alexander Schnell, Otakar Flek, Jana Bradlova
Swarm 3D Printing and Assembly Robots
AMBOTS/University of Arkansas
Lucas Galvan Marques, Robert Austin Williams, Wenchao Zhou
pd|z, ETH Zürich
Daniel Erne, Fabian Wiesemüller, Fabian Soffel, Shalaby Abdelrahmen, Manuel Gerold
NERA E-Motorcycle
Daniel Büning (Co-Founder & Director NOWLAB), Marco Mattia Cristofori (Lead Designer), Maximillian Sedlak, Tobias Storz, Mirek Classen, Lindsay Lawson, Marco Backenhaus
3DMP components for Deutsche Bahn
Rolf Lenk Werkzeug- u. Maschinenbau GmbH
Rolf Lenk, Gefertec, Deutsche Bahn
Autonomes Bauen
Tony Jankowski
Jetsuit Gravity
Gravity Industries
Richard Browning, Sam Rogers and Alex Wilson; EOS
Alfa Romeo Twin Spark CON ROD
Landmark University
Obasogie Okpamen, Obasogie Osasumwen
3D printed heart
Tel Aviv University
Dvir Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Dept. of Molecular Micro. & Biotechnology George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology _ Noor Nadav, Dr. Assaf Shapira, Dr. Reuven Edri, Idan Gal, Lior Wertheim, Dr. Tal Dvir
Universität der Künste, Berlin
Cathryn McAnespy
3D-Painted Hyperelastic Bone
Dimension Inx LLC
Adam Jakus
Eric Esser Design
Philipp Hainke (Mock-Up / Design), Eric Esser (Design / CAD / 3D Print)
Roboy 2.0
Devanthro UG
Rafael Hostettler, Jürgen Lippl, Simon Trendel, Li Chen, Benedikt Bauer, Christine Hümmer, Daniel Suckfüll, Luis Vergara, Michael Danzl, Nikhil Jaikishan, Oskar Haller, Ramprasad Rajagopalan, Rodrigo Moscoso

Jury 2019

Dr. Justus Bobke

Chairman Verband 3DDruck, Berlin

Diana Drewes

Haute Innovation

Stephan Eelman

BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH, Business Director Service Solutions & Metal Systems

Sarah Goehrke

Additive Integrity LLC

Arno Held

Chief Venture Officer AM Ventures

Andrej Kupetz

CEO German Design Council

Ross Lovegrove

Lovegrove studio

Silvia Olp

Management aed e.V., Society for Advancement of Architecture, Engineering, Design

Gilles Retsin

Architect and designer and Program Director (AD) at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London

Prof. Wolfgang Sattler

Bauhaus University Weimar

Patrik Schumacher

Zaha Hadid Architects

Dr. Dirk Simon


Joachim Stumpp

raumPROBE Managing director

Andreas Velten

IFA3D Medical Solutions GmbH

Christoph Völcker

Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co KG Team leader Innovation Lab for additive Manufacturing.

Wolf Udo Wagner


Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht, FashionTech Designer


Here you may download information of the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2019:

Photos: Christian Seeling or Tobias Traunecker
Source: Messe Erfurt GmbH

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