3DPC announced the winners of 3DPC 2021!

Congratulations to this year's winners and a big thank you to all involved- particpants, jury members and partners!

3DPC2021 Winner Booklet

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Digital award ceremony

Watch again the Digital Award Ceremony on our YouTubeChannel.

In the sixth year of the competition for innovations, submissions from 32 countries and 5 continents faced the top-class 21-member international jury.
The focus of the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2021 was not only on the core area of additive manufacturing, but also on innovations in the field of advanced technologies. The group of participants included pioneers from professionals, young professionals, start-ups and students.
In the multi-stage jury process, 43 finalists and 8 winners were selected from the numerous entries. The digital award ceremony was streamed on 22 June 2021 and prizes worth a total of over 70,000 EUR were awarded to the winners.

Focus 2021

A Paradigm Shift
We are facing challenges that our generation has never experienced before - the world is upside down. Society is changing - we are searching and finding solutions to find our way in a "New Normal".
It is in our nature to reflect, to rethink many things. What is essential - what is superfluous? What is sustainable - what can or must we improve? What if ...?
Change gives room for new ideas - room for new technologies.
Digital processes and advanced technologies are taking their place in the holistic life cycle of products, pushing the seemingly unlimited possibilities. Sustainable strategies and forward-looking concepts are becoming an essential need.
The 3D Pioneers Challenge 2021 is looking for the creative minds and innovators that make the future such as students, start-ups and companies who help shape the "Paradigm Shift" and gives them the platform to present their visions and products to the general public.

Finalists 3DPC 2021

The nominees for the 2021 final clearly showed a "paradigm shift" - projects and products are being rethought through digital processes and technologies. Sustainability plays a major role in the "new normal", both ecologically and economically. Socially innovative concepts are taking steps into a progressive era of change. Back to the roots with new possibilities. The desire for the individuals in a "new world" characterised by consciousness.
"What if..." our nature is allowed to endure sustainably forever through new technologies and their cycles? "What if..." natural materials find their way into industrial use?

Special Feature 2021

In 2021, the 3DPC went a step further and surprised with a special feature: nTopology, winner of the "3DPC 2020 Digital", supports this year's competition as part of the 3DPC & Friends network. Participants had the opportunity to obtain a license for the nTop platform as well as additional training materials for designing and producing a submission with this the next generation design & engineering software for one month.
Detailed information about this special feature please see the nTop blog.


  • Prize money of EUR 35.000 kindly supported by the Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society Thuringia.

  • 3DPC Trophy
    The main prize winner was awarded the "3DPC Trophy". This limited edition design object, created especially for the 3DPC, was developed in 2020 as a project within "3DPC & Friends", in cooperation with the jury member Ross Lovegrove, the winner of "3DPC 2019 Digital" Hyperganic and partner Materialise.

  • Special Mention Award by Autodesk
    The Autodesk Technology Centers awarded an opportunity to three winners to join the Autodesk Outsight Network - a global community of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers building future-focused technology in design, AEC, manufacturing, and more that is destined to change our world.
    Further information here and at www.autodesk.com/technology-centers
    Design for Manufacturing – 'The Brush'
    Design for Construction – 'WAAM Diagrid Column'
    Design for Sustainability – 'Protomycokion'

  • Best Student Project
    Makerbot rewarded the 3DPC Best student project with their SKETCH 3D printer.

  • Software licenses
    As prizes from the software sector, "nTop Full version" licenses were given by nTopology to two winners.

  • Bookprizes
    -3dhubs handed its The 3D Printing Handbook and
    -The publishers for Architecture and Design av edition gave bookprizes for the winners.

Save the date 3DPC 2022

We hope to see you next year at Rapid.Tech 3D Messe Erfurt from 17-19 May 2022!

Call for entries for 3DPC 2022 open soon!

Winners 2021

Hexr Ltd
James Cook, Henry Neilson, Aleksandr Mattal, Mark Brown, Jess Lewis, George Jary, Theo Clarke, Chris Davies, Annebeth Buis, Marija Trachtenberg, Joanne Clarke, Robin Spicer, Nia Simpson
Self adjusting fire
Hochschule Darmstadt
Felicia Hamm _ Prof. Tom Philipps
THE BRUSH - Recreating humankind´s first tool
Süß & friends Ingenieurbüro
Philipp Süß
Lund University
Ana Goidea, David Andréen
Sharon Fima, CEO and CTO / Dan Kozlovski, VP of R&D / Simon Fried, VP of Business Development / Matan Livne / Itamar Atzmony / Timofey Schmal / Tal Kalkstein / Tal Kollek / Lior Yedidya / Shiri Arnon / Nadav Noor / Daria Petrov / Dorit Eliyaev / Dana Hillel / Diana Rapoport / Itay Nakdimon / Peter Berenstein / Chen Azulay
Lithium Designers GmbH
Dr.-Ing Alamir Mohsen, Dr.-Ing Michael Drass, Lorenz Riedel, Benjamin Kryts, Ghaith Tish
Custom made mitral valve
3D Medlab
Laura Revol, Donatien Campion
Waldwiesel - the first 3D printed Gravel E-Bike
Urwahn Engineering GmbH
Sebastian Meinecke, Ramon Thomas

Special Mention 2021

THE BRUSH - Recreating humankind´s first tool
Süß & friends Ingenieurbüro
Philipp Süß
Lund University
Ana Goidea, David Andréen
WAAM diagrid column
University of Bologna
Vittoria Laghi, Michele Palermo, Tomaso Trombetti, Gijs Van Der Velden (MX3D)


AirLab @SUTD
Carlos Bañón, Felix Raspall, Jonathan Ng, Muhd Syahid Tan, Natalie Chen
NICAM Components
Nicolas Campbell
Rigata 021
Nyxo Visionary Design fz-llc
Mirko Daneluzzo, Michele Daneluzzo, Cristian Li Voi, Martina Negri
SculptAR - Augmented Reality Guidance System for Sculptors
incon.ai, ETH Zurich
Felix Taubner, Fadri Furrer, Timothy Sandy
TreeD Looper
TreeD Institute
Poturak Semir, MArch
Artificial Tracheobronchial Tree for 5-Compartment Lung Simulator
pd|z, ETH Zürich
Manuel Gerold, Lutz Freitag, Mirko Meboldt, Matthias Ivantsits, Lukas Mühlhof
Huhn cycles
Ralf Holleis, Christian Fischer, Andreas Schertler
3D Printed Gradient Furniture Collection
Philipp Aduatz Design
Philipp Aduatz, Incremental3d
Vortex Cooled Rocket Engine Igniter - SLA & FDM
Sam Rogers
Caffeinated Architecture
Objects and Ideograms
Alex Schofield
Recycling Fabrik
Recycling Fabrik
Rudolf Leue, Jonas Kieserling, Jörn van Leeuwen
polySpectra, Raymond Weitekamp
Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
Robin Godwyll, Chris Walter
Stilles Orchester
Additive Tectonics GmbH
Peter Lang, Gabriel Lang, Bruno Knychalla, Pavan Kumar, Seru, Xi Li, Patrick Sonnleitner, Leo Schledowitz, Max Braun, Melanie Schweiker, Christian Wiesner
Hand surgical simulator
3D Medlab
Laura Revol, Donatien Campion
Parametric Facade
Georg Breitenberger/ParaStruct
Georg Breitenberger
Hochschule Darmstadt // Technische Universität Darmstadt
Maximilian Klyk
AirLab @SUTD
Carlos Banon, Felix Raspall, Simon Rocknathan, Mengcheng Wong, Boon Kiat.
Porous Assemblies
ETH Zurich
Student: Dinorah Martinez Schulte _ Tutor: Patrick Bedarf _ Collaborators: Ayca Senol (D-MATL ETHZ) + Dr. Etienne Jeoffroy (FenX AG)
Royal3D: Joe Platt, Fulko Roos, Josef Vesely, Jeroen van Lier // Architech Company: Lennaert Capelleveen, Shane Prins
Coral Carbonate
Objects and Ideograms
Alex Schofield
The New Raw
Design, Engineering and Production: The New Raw // Client: Coca-Cola in Greece // Collaborators: Ogilvy Greece, EcoRec
Multi-material 3D printing upgrade: MSU (Material Switching Unit)
Pierre Masselot
3D printed plant-based seafood
Revo Foods GmbH
Robin Simsa, Theresa Rothenbücher, Manuel Lachmayr
Filigree Concrete: The Architecture of Fibres
Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zurich
Maria Pia Assaf, Ioulios Georgiou, Andrei Jipa, Angela Yoo, Georgia Chousou
Crystalline Performance Footwear
Nolan Kim
Nolan Kim, Vidit Singhchhikara
Cognitive Design Systems
Rhushik Matroja, Henri de Charnace
Oliver Simmonds | Schindler, Torsten Nitsche | Schindler, Thomas Van Glabeke | MX3D, Jean-François Moulin | MX3D, Kasper Siderius | MX3D
Gigabot X
Matthew Fiedler, Samantha Snabes, Helen Little
Garpez Prosthesis
Francesco Leonardi
Francesco Leonardi, Ivan Vecchio, Gianluigi Rossi, Marco Preziosa, Simona Arena, Elia Schiavi
Soteria facemask
Mira Mahavadi, Moe Lueker, Lukas Peschel, Georg Lubins, Louis Krause, Robert Roth, Thomas Wegele
Fabienne Kille
Andre Götzmann, Kersten Götzmann
AMCM GmbH, Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd
Eva Asam - Student Product Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd // Maximilian Strixner - Additive Manufacturing Engineer, AMCM GmbH
Waldwiesel - the first 3D printed Gravel E-Bike
Urwahn Engineering GmbH
Sebastian Meinecke, Ramon Thomas

Roadshow 2021

22nd Jun 2021 – 23rd Jun 2021
Rapid.Tech 3D _ Messe Erfurt

8th Jul 2021 – 9th Jul 2021
3DKonzeptLabs, Verband3DDruck, Berlin

At the 3DKonzeptLabs, the 3D Printing Association invited everyone interested in additive manufacturing to find out about trends and innovations. National and international speakers present current projects. The focus was on the exchange of ideas and networking. As partners we brought in talks by Finalists and Winners of 3DPC 2021.


Jury 2021

Frank Beckmann

Substitute institute director and head of the department Autonomous Systems, AM Systems of Fraunhofer IAPT

Dr. Justus Bobke

Chairman Verband 3DDruck e.V. , Berlin

Lutz Dietzold

Chief Executive Officer German Design Council

Prof. Mareike Gast

Burg Giebichenstein - Kunsthochschule Halle, department Industrial Design

Valentina Kerst

State secretary Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society Thuringia.

Sonita Lontoh

HP3D Printing Business _ SVP & Global Head of 3D Print Marketing at HP inc

Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove

Dr. Cora Lüders-Theuerkauf

Network Manager Medical goes Additive e.V / Mobility goes Additive e.V.

Prof. Shlomo Magdassi

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem _ Science, technology and applications of nanomaterials

Silvia Olp

President of aed Stuttgart e.V., aed Society for Advancement of Architecture, Engineering, Design

Joris Peels

Vice President Consulting at SmarTech Analysis and Executive Editor at 3DPrint.com

Sonja Rasch

Sales Director and BD serial production/aerospace at Materialise

Jasna Rokegem

Jasna Rok Fashion, Technology and Science

Prof. Patrik Schumacher

Zaha Hadid Architects

Vanessa Sigrudson

Manufacturing Industry Engagement Manager, Autodesk Outsight Network

Dr. Dirk Simon


Joachim Stumpp

Director raumPROBE

Andreas Velten

IFA3D Medical Solutions GmbH

Dr. Andreas Vlahinos

CTO at Advanced Engineering Solutions

Christoph Völcker

"Innovation Lab - AM" at Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG

Anna Wilhelmi

Senior Designer Adidas Future Team


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