General Business Terms

Conditions of participation 3D Pioneers Challenge

§1 General
§ 1.1
The general terms and conditions apply to competitions organised by d.sign21. (d.sign21 is the label for Völcker & Völcker GbR, represented by the Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M.A. Simone Völcker, and Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M.A. Christoph Völcker, Fronhof 1, 70378 Stuttgart, Germany. Email: info(at), Telephone: +49 711 477 2748-0.) d.sign21 is hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”.
Messe Erfurt GmbH, represented by the CEO Michael Kynast, is the exclusive licensee for the 3D Pioneers Challenge and hosts the competition at the Rapid.Tech 3D. (Messe Erfurt GmbH, Gothaer Straße 34, 99094 Erfurt, Germany, Email info(at) Telephone: + 49 361 400-0) Messe Erfurt GmbH is hereinafter referred to as the “Promoter”.

Participation is subject to the present terms and conditions. By participating in the 3D Pioneers Challenge competition, participants recognize the conditions of participation as binding.

With the registration at the participant accepts the General Business Terms and conditions of participation as well as the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR of Völcker & Völcker GbR .

Participation takes place exclusively online on the internet. The formalities are available for download from the website

§2 Competition
The 3D Pioneers Challenge seeks to discover specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. The final decision is based in large part on a consideration of current issues as well as medium- and long-term trends that link new technologies and provide practical applications, integrate them into existing processes, taking into account the complete value-added system or create forward-looking concepts.
The focus is on “verticals”, that means on all major disciplines that use 3D printing and that are leading the way in additive manufacturing. Prize money and various prizes are awarded annually. For a more detailed description of the disciplines, see the registration documents and formalities as well as § 4.2.

§3 Entrants
Students in the design, architecture, fashion, medical, automotive, research, construction, engineering, digital media and technology fields, as well as professional firms, are invited. Anything can be submitted, from projects that have already been publicised to brand new ideas.
Group entries are also permitted.
Students and Young Professionals are participants that are less than 3 years away from their studies or education. Professionals are more than three years on the market or private limited companies independent of their date of foundation. (corresponding participation fees see §7)

For cooperative and team submissions, a main contact person must be named as a primary contact within the application form for further correspondence.

Please take care that with the name of member and institution are given differently to avoid confusion.
Institution means: University, Office, Research institution, Company
Member name means: Contact person, participant.

§4 Jury
The independent jury is assembled annually and consists of experts in the respective verticals.
The non-public, multi-stage selection process takes place after the submission deadline as well as finally during the promoter’s exhibition event.
Any member of the jury directly involved with a submitted entry will not be allowed to vote for this submission.

The evaluation is carried out according to the following criteria:


  • Manufactured using additive manufacturing processes
  • Design appropriate for the material
  • Ecological aspects
  • Digital value-added systems

Conception, design

  • Conceptual quality (content, novelty, degree of innovation, product definition)
  • Design quality (originality, consistent and aesthetic design principle, ergonomics)


  • Social relevance (meaning, social aspects)
  • Future viability of the idea/project
  • How the project engages with state-of-the-art technology/knowledge
  • Sustainability
    The evaluation criteria may be adjusted annually – they should be consulted in the respective
    application documents.

The jury will decide how to weight the criteria in particular.
The independent jury alone will decide only in the final jury panel which project will receive which prize, in which category. The decision of the jury is final and there is no right of appeal.

§5 Award
The finalists (best submissions, selected in the multi-stage jury procedure) will be presented in a special exhibition at Rapid.Tech 3D trade show.

Submissions that have not been already produced may be produced for the exhibition by the partners of the competition free of charge for the entrant. After that and the roadshow (§9) the object may be returned to the participants against a shipping fee. Participants must state their interest in this option at the time of registration.
If there is an existing model of the project that may be provided for the final exhibition you should send it directly to Messe Erfurt (date will be communicated in time).

The best submissions will be awarded as winners with prize-money and special prizes. The amount and type of the prizes is published annually in the tender documents and/or on the homepage and/or facebook, social media.

All finalists will be invited to the 3D Pioneers Challenge award ceremony, which will take place as part of a gala evening. Finalists are invited and encouraged to attend the award ceremony at their own expense. The organiser directly notifies the finalists of their participation in the final exhibition, by means of an announcement which includes an invitation to the award ceremony and a request to register.

All submissions that are presented in the final exhibition will be part in the roadshow that will take place after the fair. (See § 9)

§6 Registration and Conclusion of the Agreement
Registration takes place and the contractual agreement is concluded with the timely submission of materials latest till the deadline. For each submission, this includes a completely filled registration form including all relevant documents and information. that may be uploaded in the account by the participant.
Incomplete applications and submissions can not be considered in the multi-stage jury procedure for the selection of finalists. By adding a project (my projects) you are legally obliged to pay participation fees that might appear (see §7).
See the application documents, formalities for further details.

A submission may not be older than 5 years at the time of the submission deadline.
3DPC entries that made it to the 3DPC final exhibition in former years may not be submitted again.

For the registration the participant creates an account at There he may submit up to three projects, upload pictures, movies, describing texts. The files will be saved in the account and the participant is able to update the content till the submission deadline. After the deadline it is not possible anymore.

Each participant may enter a maximum of 3 submissions.
Each submission requires to be submitted separately at „my projects“ in the account.

Printable, producible data for the respective additive processes are expressly required for participation. They are necessary for a smooth expiry of the exhibition planning and securing of the exhibits.

The participant is required to declare his group of participants (§ 3):

  • „Student“ / „Young Professional“ / „Exhibitor of Rapid.Tech 3D“ - These are free of charge. Proofs must be handed in by upload in the content of the personal account.
  • By declaring „Professional“ the participant accepts the participation fee and has to pay the fee after receiving the bill.

The approved languages are German and English.

The submission deadline is the final deadline. Late registrations will not be allowed.
For applications that require a participation fee (see §7), the fees are independent of whether the entry is selected for the final or not, so obligatory. Payments must be made even in the case of withdrawal (see §13).There is no right of appeal.

If third parties show interest in getting in contact with the participant, the organiser will act as agent and will lead the contact of the interested third party to the entrant. Only for this purpose all contact data will be archived in a database unlimited and will not be handed to other third parties. For publications, presentations, archives or similar use, the organiser may use the provided pictures, movies and descriptions unlimited by linking to the participant.

The entrant gives its consent to receive newsletters with the registration at, This complies to the German Data protection laws. You may stop the newsletter by sending an email with : “End newsletter”. see also GDPR.

§7 Participation Fees and Payment Conditions
Students and Young Professionals whose studies or training ended less than 3 years ago, as well as Rapid.Tech 3D exhibitors for the current year, pay no fees. Professionals (more the 3 years on the market)and private limited companies (independent of their date of foundation) pay the participation fees in accordance with the application documents plus the current statutory value-added tax.
The participation fees may vary for each year and will be published in the current registration documents/formalities.
The entrant receives the invoice at the latest after the submission deadline. The participation fees are to be transferred to the account specified in the invoice within 10 days of receipt of the invoice, without deduction. This is a condition for participation in the competition. the fees are independent of whether the entry is selected for the final or not, so obligatory. The participant is excluded from participation if the payment is made later.

Registration fees are refundable or don´t appear only if the participant’s cancellation is received in time within 14 days in written form. (see §13)

The participant bears all costs that are associated with processing the submitted designs (modell) - sending and return. The organiser disclaims liability. Proper and save packaging has to be planned and provided by the participant. Please no foam packaging peanuts.

No further costs arise for the participants. This also applies to further presentations, documentations and publications.

§8 Public Relations

The newsletter relates to application documents, results of the competition and roadshow stops as well as projects and topics concerning the 3DPC. Registered participants as well as subcribers of the newsletter accept the GDPR (see §1.3)

The exhibition of 3D Pioneers Challenge finalists for the current year takes place at Rapid.Tech 3D for the respective year.

The details and results of the competition are presented and published as part of Rapid.Tech 3D for the current year and by the organiser via press materials (digital and print).
Furthermore, the organiser may use and publish the information and results of the competition for other printed media and digital media in an unlimited manner.
Not affected are personal contact details and the provided 3D print data. These are only used as part of the ongoing competition for its organization when necessary for cooperating partners, but will not be disclosed to third parties.
Press materials will be made available to cooperation partners, participants and the press. Copyright is held by the organiser, and reproduction is permitted only by arrangement.

§9 Roadshow
Several roadshow stops will be organised where the exhibits of the finalists will be presented on international events. The exhibit or an adequate alternative may be in charge of the organiser for around one year. The organiser informs about the planned roadshow details and/or announces them on Newsletter / website /facebook if applicable.

Generally, the finalists may ask for their exhibit any time for own purposes in agreement. Please inform 3DPC in time regarding organisation and transportation time as well as to avoid overlapping of exhibitions.. It will be decided when the exhibit needs to be back at 3DPC individually. Transportation costs are taken by the participant.

The selection of the exhibits will be decided in cooperation with the organisation/fair, where 3DPC may present. The host may also name favourites. The aim is to make it equal for all winners and special mention.
As there will be contracts with the hosts, they also may select.
There is no right neither that the projects will be presented nor that you may attend the events in person.

The exhibits are securely and insured stored in the office of d.sign21, the headquarter of 3DPC from where the roadshow will be coordinated. The exhibits are insured whilst the roadshow.
If an object needs to be sent home in between the roadshow and back to the headquarter, the insurance of the sending depends on the selected way of sending. As described in the general terms and conditions, which was accepted with the participation of the challenge, the costs for logistics and insurance are taken by the participant.
The objects will be packed in the material given by the owner (if available). Therefore the designer is responsible for the security of the packaging. A documentation with pictures about how to repack will be helpful and the organiser asks the participant to hand in such a documentation. Necessary special tools for packing and protecting have to be provided by the participant.
Whilst the exhibition the objects will be under surveillance of staff if available.

§10 Liability / Insurance
The participant bears all costs that are associated with processing the submitted designs - sending and return. The package needs to be securely packed for the transportation by the participant. The organiser disclaims liability.

§11 General Legal Conditions
Participants are responsible for ensuring the rights to their designs are protected and ensuring that the rights of third parties are not breached by their participation in the competition and the publication of the results of the competition in printed documents, online media, exhibitions and press releases. They will provide all required documentation free of charge.
The organiser, promoter, cooperation partners and jurors of the competition are exempted by the participant from all claims, demands and rights of third parties in the case of an alleged infringement. Any damages that arise will be borne by the participant.

The entrant owns the copy right of its submissions.
The participant grants the organiser unlimited usage, disposition, patent rights and archiving (see § 6.8, §8.2), within the framework of the competition and its public relations, for the data, texts, films and images provided in the submission.

In addition, cooperation partners can inform the organiser of their interest to enter into further partnerships with the participants. The organiser is the coordinator and mediator. Consent regarding implementation is the responsibility of the participant. By registering, participants agree to this. By agreeing to cooperate on the 3D Pioneers Challenge, cooperation partners have given their consent.

Submissions that are already present on the market remain unaffected. Rights thereto are reserved by the participants and their partners. This must be indicated separately at the time of registration and be accompanied by appropriate evidence.

The winners may use the award indefinitely for their own communication purposes. The organiser will also show the prize-winning designs at further exhibitions to the extent that this fits conceptually with the respective presentations/events.

Should the rights of a third party be infringed, the promoter, organiser and jurors reserve the right to revoke the award.

§12 Reservations
Provided that the promoter and organiser together have not secured the economic viability or other good reasons such as acts of God occur, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the competition.

This agreement remains valid if the actual competition is postponed. If the actual competition is cancelled, the contractual partners are freed from all obligations without any right to assert claims for reimbursement of costs or damages.

§13 Withdrawal
The participant may withdraw from his/her registration within 14 days before application deadline. The withdrawal must be declared in writing. Should payment already have been made by the participant to the organiser within the 14 days, it will be refunded to the participant in the event of a timely withdrawal. After 14 days as well as with the deadline, withdrawal of the participant and a refund of the associated fees are excluded. A request to delete the personal contact data according to GDPR must also be made in writing.

§14 Confidentiality
Participants, cooperation partners, jurors as well as the promoter and organiser agree to maintain confidentiality about the submissions during the processing and evaluation period. This applies to all exhibited, winning and featured designs until the day of the opening of the exhibition in the current year.

§15 Place of Performance and Place of Jurisdiction
The exclusive place of performance and place of jurisdiction for the agreement is the business headquarters of the organiser; this also applies if the participant resides abroad.

As soon as the promoter or organiser is made aware by legal judgement or court decision that third-party rights were violated by the submission, the participant may be excluded or the award revoked.

Any claims must be made in writing.

§16 Severability Clause
Should any individual provisions of this agreement be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the contract as a whole shall not be affected thereby. In such a case, a provision which comes as close as possible to the content of the original provision shall take the place of the non-included or ineffective provision.

§17 Miscellaneous
By participating in the competition, participants confirm their acceptance of the general legal conditions described above and the information regarding liability and insurance. With the registration for the competition, the participants make a legally binding declaration to adhere to the terms of the competition. The jury’s decision is final. There is no right of appeal. Subject to change. The invitations to the gala evening will be given in order of priority to the winners and finalists and then by registration order. Places are limited.

Contact Organiser
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